Wretchedness cast in blanketgrey
Lifebeaten to merciless
Embryonic submission
Severed from the placenta
And womb of Life
Adrift in time and space

How many faceless ones
In this fair land
Millions more in nations
Rent by poverty and war

Wedged between stone walls
And wooden benches
Displaced cardboard boxes
Sent no where but despair

Reflecting inner realities
Of countless lost souls
Trapped in glass structures
Of greed and materialism

Impervious to the clarion call
"Build Solomon's Temple"
Hone our solar tools
Erect sacred shelters
Where none are turned from the Portals

O despairing ones
The hour has come to join hands
Reclaim our spiritual birthright
In the Father's mansion
He awaits our return Home

© 2003 Sophia La Toa

The Last Supper Revisited

Come hither pilgrim to the table top
No sacrificial offering nor love token
Only your true Self to hearken to
Such wisdom of ages from sages
On fiery planes pure and simple
In silent masterfull impression

Y-shape table stand
Inverted for the Master's hands
Raised in blessing to a bewildered planet
Spinning heads of state into States of chaos
And millions curse the bane of soulless leaders
Knife-edged to brinks of destruction

Weary pilgrim pause at princely table
Drink deep the Holy Grail set forth
For honoured guests where Masters
Serve your needs and deeds de-serving
This Last Supper as in death row
Before the final call

Eloi Eloi lama sabachthani
We are not forsaken pilgrim
No Gethsemane nor Golgotha
Only the will to resurrect temples
And prepare for The Return
Of the King of kings

© 2003 Sophia La Toa

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