Wings of a Dove

 Descending as a dove
With olive leaf
In heraldic return
From furious deluge
Of Atlantean death
To Aryan birth

Ascending as a dove
Arose The Beloved
From baptismal Jordan
Heralding the new age
Forged by His blood
Denied by our betrayal

Enthralled Atlanteans
We drown in two millennia
Rooted in racial memory
On hostile karmic rivers
Bloodied yet unrepenting
The past is the present

Our repeated transgressions
Ascribing new generations
A sanguinary history
Of embittered conflicts
Remembered hatreds
With long forgotten causes

Be it darkest before dawn
The true Aryan Age from astral mist
Ascending on wings of a dove
In flight o'er the rainbow bridge
Heralding the great approach
Of The Beloved


© 2003 Sophia La Toa

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