Pax Cultura

 Too many wars
Blood of our kin
Harrowed in soil
Year out year in

Past present future
Ringed in eternity
Religion science art
Liberty equality fraternity

Daughters of feeling
Sons of mind
We cry freedom
For all humankind

India's symbol Chintamani
Temple of Heaven Peking
Three Treasures of Tibet
Breast of Christ by Memling

White crosses to bear
Red roses to die
Tiny blue flags
Black cemetery fly

Madonna of Strasbourg
Caucasian sword Gurdas
Knights Templars in arms
Shields of Crusaders

Wars for religion
Wars for greed
Legacies sown
In bloody creed

Mongolian rocks Himalayan skies
Samarkand Ethiopian antiquities
Rigden Djapo Tamga of Timurlane
St Sergius and the Holy Trinity

Banner of Peace
Banner of Love
Time for Peace
Time for Love

© 2003 Sophia La Toa

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